Ahsan is very concerned with the unchecked rise in crime coupled with the 200+ police officer shortage in Fairfax County. If elected, Ahsan will, on day one, start building a coalition of federal, state, local, business, non-profit, and faith-based partners to develop a comprehensive and collaborative solution to our police and first responder shortage. Public servants deserve a livable wage that recognizes their daily sacrifices and rewards their contributions to our safety and security. Keeping in mind the national inflation numbers and high housing costs is key to making sure that police officers and first responders can provide for their families and continue to benefit our community.

Lastly, while continuing to expand on our current number of first responders, it is crucial to ensure that we train them adequately, properly resource them, and constantly support them to do what is right. Our coalition will explore holistic options and more, knowing full well that much of the expertise lies with our police forces themselves.

Ahsan will focus on bringing back justice into our criminal justice system. We can support our public servants and reduce recidivism at the same time.